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Mediterranean Geckos

On this page I will discuss the nature of Mediterranean Geckos. I will give you straight facts about these geckos, and facts that I have learned about the geckos though my experience with my Mediterranean Gecko Xavier.

First off, the official name for the Mediterranean (House) Gecko is Hemidactylus turcicus. The Mediterranean Gecko is called Mediterranean House Gecko because it is related to the House Gecko. The House Gecko is almost the exact same thing as the Med. Gecko. I have a Mediterranean House Gecko named Xavier. Xavier is the most interseting pet I ever had. I think everyone who gets a pet should name it something that really reminds you of that pet. I chose Xavier- (HA-v-air). The name Xavier means "bright". I picked it because when I got Xavier he brightened my day because I had 2-1/2 toads that just got out of water, who disappeared that exact same day.
 Well, these geckos are interesting to watch and feed. They don't move alot during the day because they are noctural. They usually stay at the same spot untill nighttime. They will move for food, but only in spurts. They might move about 1 inch at a time. Whatever you do, don't touch or hold or pet the gecko(s). They hate to be touched. I did it once and he ran 6 inches in a split second in the opposite direction. They hate to be touched. They eat Pinhead or small crickets. They are usually cheap, about 8 cents each. They eat other insects like earwigs, but I don't have a list, sorry.
Most Adult Mediterranean Geckos are about 5 inches. The juveniles are marked by rings of kneeled tubercules. They have no eyelids, so I believe( I was told by my friend) that they probably lick their eyes to keep them moist. I'm not sure of a way to tell the difference between males.
You can catch Mediterranean Geckos in Lousiana, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. Of Course, also in the Mediterranean Area and in the saudi Arabic area. They are territorial and will defend a favorite spot.
I have Xavier, my gecko in a 10 gallon aquarium with a small lamp I turn on sometimes. I use live plants and an artificial ramp to climb up.I also put a brown cave, which is actually used in aquariums.
Xavier is full grown at about 5 inches. That is about the size adults will be once that they are full grown.


This is a close up of Xavier,my Mediterranean House Gecko.


Again its Xavier in his 10 Gallon Terrarium. He loves that spot and defends it all the time.

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