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Mediterranean Geckos

On this page I will explain the importance of keeping track of your geckos daily needs.

Every day since I got my Mediterranean Gecko, Xavier I have been keeping track of the basic, daily needs of Xavier. The type of basic needs are, Feeding, Spraying(keeping humidity up), and making sure that the terrarium is in top shape for your gecko to enjoy. Keeping of track of Temperature and feeding can help you and a Veterinarian figure out any problems that may occur. For example, if your gecko is being sluggish or not eating, it may no be getting the proper measurments of Humidity and or Temperature. If your gecko is not feeding, it could be a problem that your Vet. can try to figure out. Although keeping track of the daily life of your gecko might seem like a lot of work, but it's not. The tracking only requires about less than 3 minutes a day. That little 3 minutes can help to save your gecko. The tracking can also keep track of the growth of the gecko. Here are a list of things you should keep track of:
  • Temperature
  • Humdity
  • Feeding
  • Cleanliness(probably spelled it wrong)
  • Activity


This is an example of a chart to keep track of your Gecko. But, of course put every day of the week in the chart and with all the catgories you wanna keep track of.


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